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TCBCC 2018 Audited Financial Statements

Pennylegion/Chung LLP – Charted Professional Accountants

To the Members, Toronto Coalition for Better Childcare

We have audited the accompanying financial statements of Toronto Coalition for Better Childcare (The Coalition) which comprise the statement fo financial position as at December 31 2018.

03 tcbcc audit 2018 – signed

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Approved AGM Minutes for Nov 15 2018

TCBCC AGM—Nov 15, 2018

Welcome and Introduction—June Hall

Attendance: June Hall, Neena Locke, Ruby Malobago, Anthea Moreau, Jennifer Reid-Kuess, Marylou, Jennifer Ayer, Julia Flaherty, Katrina Estey, Tatiana Alfaro, Ezra Leia, Sue Parker, Pamela Taskinen, Evelina Bettencourt, Jose Chan, Susie Pascuzzi, Sheryl Barton, Lisa Tjernstom, Donna Spreitzer, Caroline Ferns, Jane Mercer

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AGM – Co Chair’s Report delivered by June Hall November 20, 2019

The Toronto Community for Better Child Care is a strong voice for Child Care in Toronto and has been leading the struggle at the City level for more than 30 years.  We have been actively engaged in advocacy at the City and Provincial levels this year and our voices have had a huge impact.

The City of Toronto, Council and the Children’s Services department, has always made decisions that directly impact parent fees, access to subsidies, staff salaries, program viability and quality.  These decisions greatly impact centres across the City and so we monitor, speak up and work proactively with the child care and broader social justice community to inform policy and funding decisions at the City level.  Access to affordable, high-quality childcare is foremost and TCBCC members continue to proactively support children, families, frontline staff and operators.

At the TDSB and TCDSB Early Years Committees, we continue to work with our partners and across the sector on issues of shared space and accessibility, ensuring that the school board understands and works with child care programs in schools.

Through community deputations to City Committees and Council and our ongoing lobbying at both the Provincial and City levels we have had some BIG wins this year impressing upon Council the importance of fighting for every child care dollar and the importance of actual costs and the impact on quality and service delivery.

  • We have created a Council of Child Care Champions from east to west and the Mayor! They have championed child care with senior levels of government throughout the year – that comes from years of feeling the pressure themselves!
  •  We fought, again, for the occupancy grant for child care programs in schools and believe that this year it will be moved into the base budget!
  •  We worked with TTC riders to bring a discounted TTC fair pass to parents receiving a childcare subsidy, a significant win for low income families.
  •  Through the Per Diem Survey in 2018 we were able to provide evidence to City Councillors that childcare programs were not receiving their true costs in all age groups and this was driving up childcare fees and imposing deficits on programs across the City. Childcare Supervisors were able to share this report with their boards to show that City per diems were impacting the system widely.
  •  We continue to work closely with the OCBCC to keep pressure on the Province to fund our childcare system properly and to expand it

TCBCC has worked with the community to provide workshops and in house training on topics including HDLH, CPL and the AQI and thus supporting frontline staff and Managers. These workshops have provided an additional funding stream for the TCBCC.

The TCBCC continues to grow the Community Build Program; this program provides resources and a toy grant to members who join the program.  The toy/equipment grants are funded by the TCBCC through our fundraising efforts by volunteering at Dolphin Bingo.

The TCBCC has participated as a strong voice for the child care community at all relevant committees at City Hall, the School Boards and within the broader community.  The TCBCC staff and board members have collaborated and provided leadership at the following committees this year:

  • The Child Care Forum
  • Children’s Services Network meetings
  • Children’s Services Focus groups on budget apps and fee schedules
  • The Aboriginal Advisory Committee
  • The TDSB Early Years Advisory Committee
  • The TCDSB Steering Committee
  • The Operators Network
  • The Good Jobs for All Coalition
  • The Toronto Child and Family Network- Table 3
  • Commitment to Community
  • Social Planning Council
  • Progress Toronto
  • TTC Riders

At this time, I would like to thank our funders for their continued support of our work across Toronto this year.

  • The City of Toronto: through the Community Service Program and the Lottery Licensing Division
  • The Union locals that have donated to our Child Care Solidarity Fund
  • Members who support the Coalition through annual memberships and the Community Build Fund

One very important project we have had this year is developing our strategic plan and succession plan … thank-you Sue Hunter, the board and staff.

Finally, I want to express our sincere appreciation to our Executive Co-ordinator Jane Mercer.  She continues be a strong voice for the childcare community.  A big thank you to our Board of Director’s who gives their time and expertise to support the TCBCC.  It is all of us collectively in the child care community who share, support, encourage and lead the way for an accessible, affordable, quality child care system for all.

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Child Care Champions: Toolkit for constituency meetings with Ontario MPPs

Our objectives
  • We need all MPPs to hear that the Ontario government must maintain support for Ontario’s licensed child care system and wage enhancement for educators.
  • We want them to understand that tax rebates and deregulation aren’t effective ways to address child care needs.
  • We want to leave MPPs thinking hard about the situation for families and educators in their local riding and communities – we’re counting on them.

What we are asking of MPPs
  • Get a personal commitment from the MPP to be Child Care Champion: to learn more about the issue, discuss it with colleagues, and find opportunities to support stable investment in child care for Ontario.
  • Ask them to commit to protecting key investments in child care including: $2/hr wage enhancement grant for ECEs and child care staff; funding for licensed child care operation and subsidies.
  • Ask them to learn more about our long-term vision for a system based on 3 Big Ideas:
    1. low fees or no fees for families;
    2. decent work and pay for educators;
    3. more public and non-profit child care spaces.
  • Ask all MPPs for a photo with our Child Care Champions sign. At the end of each meeting ask if you can have a group photo of the MPP holding up the sign.
Download your toolkit now!

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To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS the Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant provides $2 per hour in wage support to many Registered Early Childhood Educators and child care workers in licensed child care;

WHEREAS the Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant supports staff recruitment and retention in licensed child care, increases income security among Registered Early Childhood Educators and child care workers, and begins to recognize their contributions to Ontario communities;

WHEREAS the Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant helps close the gender wage gap;

WHEREAS the Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant helps keep parents’ child care fees from rising;

WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: maintain the $2 per hour Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant for Registered Early Childhood Educators and child care workers in licensed child care.

Download the petition now and help us gather the signatures!


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TCBCC AGM – Thursday November 15, 2018

10:00        Welcome and Introductions – June Hall, Co-Chair

10:15         Speaker – Carolyn Ferns, OCBCC,  – “a Review of our achievements and organizing for the challenges ahead”

11:00        TCBCC AGM

      1. Approval of Agenda – items of New Business to be tabled
      2. Approval of Minutes of AGM November 8, 20175
      3. Chairpersons Report – June Hall
      4. Treasurers Report including:
        • presentation of the Audit 2017 – Jennifer Reid-Kuess
        • appointment of Auditors for 2018
      5. Co-ordinators Update – including City Budget Process 2019
      6. Nominations and Election of the Board of Directors 2019
      7. Adjournment of the Meeting

12:00        LUNCH

12:15         Speaker – Lisa Winters, Director, Beatty Buddies Child Care – ““empowering our workforce and building a professional team”

TCBCC AGM Agenda for the Day – Nov 15 2018

TCBCC AGM–Nov 8 2017 – Minutes

TCBCC Draft Audit 2017 – Financial Statements

Co-Chair Report for the 2018 AGM for the TCBCC

TCBCC AGM_Nov 15 2018 – Minutes

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Become a TCBCC Community Builder 2017

  • You must be a current TCBCC organizational member and support the mandate of the TCBCC – a network of non-profit child care programs working towards a system of high quality, regulated, accessible, affordable not-for-profit child care in Toronto
  • Become eligible to apply for Our Community Build Grant for Toys & Equipment up to *$500 per year, (first come first served as funds allow)

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TCBCC 2016 Financial Audit

Pennylegion/Chung LLP – Charted Professional Accountants

To the Members, Toronto Coalition for Better Childcare

We have audited the accompanying financial statements of Toronto Coalition for Better Childcare (The Coalition) which comprise the statement fo financial position as at December 31 2016.

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TCBCC AGM Chair’s Report – 2017

Toronto Coalition for Better Childcare

Annual General Meeting – Co-Chair’s Report

November 8, 2017



The Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care is a strong Voice for Child Care in Toronto, and has been leading the struggle for the community at the City level for almost 30 years. Our members and board members were actively engaged in advocacy at the city and provincial levels and this past year our voices were heard.

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Agenda for Speaker and AGM – Nov 8, 2017

Agenda for the Day – Nov 8

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