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Ontario child-care proposal faces strong opposition

The proposed regulatory changes released in December 2013 by the provincial government are facing criticism from child care advocates and experts. Specifically, the proposed changes that would allow for larger child groups to be cared for by fewer trained staff.   Continued…

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Raffle Registration 2014

The Toronto Coalition for Better

Child Care

Toronto Child Care Raffle 2014

A fabulous fundraising opportunity for your program!

This is the perfect time to participate in this exciting joint fundraiser for Toronto’s early learning and child care programs and the TCBCC!  This will be our 17th consecutive year of collaborating with Toronto’s Early Learning & Child Care community to raise much needed funds for programs like yours and the important advocacy work of the TCBCC!  Make sure that your program is a part of this exciting event! . . . . and call us if you’d like to talk it through: 416-538-7630. REGISTER TODAY! Continued…

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“Who cares? A panel discussion on Ontario’s Proposed Child Care Regulations”

On February 13th 2014, Advocates for Progressive Childcare Policy are hosting a panel discussion of Ontario’s Proposed Child Care Regulations. Continued…

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The TCBCC wants to hear from Toronto’s Child Care Centres

Is the City’s re-vamped Operating Criteria Early Learning and Care Assessment for Quality Improvement helping you to deliver Quality Child Care?

 Please join us!

 Tuesday February 18th 1:30 – 3:30 at the Scarborough Civic Centre – Council Chambers in this important community led discussion. 


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Winter Newsletter 2014

Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care

Winter 2014 Update

Your programs have been on a roller coaster over the past few years, with the introduction of FDK and the Modernization of Child Care. This update tells: what’s happening, as we head into a new year and how we’re organizing in Toronto’s ELCC community.


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Get your fundraising gears in motion! Join the early learning & child care community in the The 17th Annual Child Care Raffle! 

Wednesday June 18, 2014!

It’s time to start planning for a successful event! Continued…

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$20 Million in NEW Child Care Funding!

Toronto will receive $20 million in NEW child Care funding !

 We need PARENTS to Call or E-MAIL their Councillor THIS WEEK!. . . Members of Toronto City Council 2010 – 2014 Continued…

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TCBCC Deputation to CDRC Dec. 4 2013 – Wage Subsidy

The TCBCC spoke to the Community Development & Recreation Committee (CDRC) about the ongoing implementation of Full Day Kindergarten, specifically the impacts that this process is having on pre-existing child care centres. The June 26th CDRC committee meeting heard many deputations from child care staff speaking to the Full Day Kindergarten Implementation update. They spoke “about the overwhelming stress on our child care programs, and the distress about the claw back of wage subsidies.” TCBCC reaffirms the fundamental need to protect wage subsidy payments

The TCBCC appreciates that CDRC staff “have struggled to keep this underfunding system together…But it is imperative that this NOT be done on the backs of fee-paying Parents and hard-working child care staff.”

Read the full deputation here. Continued…

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TCBCC Deputation to Budget Committee December 2, 2013

We have good news for you! The City of Toronto will be receiving an increase of $20 million in annualized provincial Child Care funding, starting in 2014! The City of Toronto now has the ability to act immediately and over the following years – to relieve some of the extraordinary pressures on our child care system.
Read the full TCBCC Deputation to the Budget Committee Continued…

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The Toronto 2014 Staff Recommended Budget was launched this week – and for Child Care it was very disappointing!

In spite of the clear evidence that our child care system is stretched to the breaking point . . this Staff Recommended Budget proposes the same painful path!


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