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OCBCC Update – Take Action to Celebrate Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day – Oct. 25 2017

We Create the Future – our theme for the 17th annual CCWAD sends the clear signal about the central role of child care workers and early childhood educators in “building a system with enough affordable child care spaces for all families who want them” that the government of Ontario has committed to do in its Five-Year Action Plan. Public policy is moving in the right direction, with expansion of 100,000 spaces for 0 – 4 years underway; a commitment to developing a Workforce Strategy; commissioned research to provide a pathway toward affordable fees and a commitment to limit expansion to the non-profit sector. Now we have to keep the pressure on to make sure that policy becomes reality.

We need you to take action to move our Three Big Ideas (affordable fees, decent work and expansion limited to the non-profit and public sector) about child care to reality:

  1. Phone or e-mail your MPP and urge her/him to attend the breakfast at Queen’s Park on Oct. 25. All MPPs need to be part of this conversation about early childhood education and care that plays a vital role in the social infrastructure of our province. (See the MPP invitation for more information)
  2. If you are in the area join us at Queen’s Park for Question Period at 10:30 a.m. To register, enter at the south basement of the Legislative Bldg., bring photo ID and allow time to check your coat and electronics. For the press conference at 12:15 p.m., register at security with your photo ID.
  3. Tell us how you are celebrating CCWAD this year – e-mail us at and post on Facebook and Twitter using hashtag #CCWAD2017 on Oct. 25
  4. Support the AECEO’s decent work and professional pay campaign if you haven’t already. Please sign the online pledge at

We are gearing up for community celebrations, proclamations from Mayors, Regional Councils and City Councillors across the province and kudos from parents and community partners. Our buttons and posters have made it to urban, rural and suburban communities in all corners of the province. In addition to the breakfast at Queen’s Park, we expect there will be questions in the House during Question Period at 10:30 am. We’ll aim to track the questions and answers for you, and you can watch Question Period online at At 12:15 we’ll host a press conference with the AECEO and focus on the necessity of decent work and professional pay for early childhood educators and child care workers and the requirement of sufficient public funding to make this happen without increasing parents’ fees.

Happy CCWAD!

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