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We Urge the City: Do NOT CUT any $$$s from CHILD CARE!

Our City’s Finance’s are in a critical state as a result of underfunding from the Province in many areas. The City’s Budget Committee has instructed staff in ALL Departments to find 5% savings in their 2010 budgets. . .

In the City’s Operating Budget (released on February 16), the Children’s Services Budget includes a recommendation from Staff, that in order to find savings in their Department “the Rent subsidy Agreement with School Boards be terminated”,… … this is in addition to the cuts to subsidies that will be faced by the child care community if the Province fails to come up with additional funding in this Spring Budget. This will all be devastating to our child care programs in schools – Parent Fees will skyrocket – Programs will be destabilized and . .  Programs will close!

Our fragile Child Care system is already under extraordinary pressure as a result of Provincial underfunding and the new Early Learning Programs in our Schools – this City Budget will be the final nail in the coffin for many child care programs.

  • Full- Fee paying parents in schools will take an extraordinary hit: Parent Fees will skyrocket! City staff estimate approx $2.00 a day (that’s $522 a year!) for full-fee paying parents. But we know it will be even worse – When you tear up an agreement you’ve had with the school board since 1998 (and the rent has remained FIXED) – you have to expect the rent will skyrocket!

  • As well: 2,000 subsidies will be CUT by 2011 – if the City does not receive the necessary Provincial funding to maintain existing subsidies and stabilize programs through the ELP transition
  • Programs will be destabilized through vacant spaces and PROGRAMS WILL CLOSE

We need our City Politicians to Stand Up for Child Care

Stand Up for All of our Families

We are urging your CHILD CARE and your Child Care PARENTS to JOIN us in this City-wide Campaign throughout the Budget Process, from NOW through to April 16

We will be targeting our Advocacy, and fine tuning our message at key times during this process for maximum impact.

Parents and Staff will begin LOBBYING the Budget Committee, the Mayor and the full Council on Feb 23rd and will continue to keep up the pressure right up to April 16

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