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“An investment in a call for a better future for all!” – Councilor Michael Thompson (Chair) Economic Development Committee

On a directive from Council to assess the economic and social impacts of more affordable childcare on Toronto’s economy, Economic Development Committee received the following presentation/report on October 11th.   The Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care deputed to reinforce the benefits of the economic and social impacts of an accessible, high quality child care system in Toronto.

Child Care is a crucial part of our city’s infrastructure and it is crucial in every ward .  Our failure to address it in recent decades has been driving young families out of our city to Peel, Whitby, Hamilton, and the rest of the GTA, where they pay their taxes to those municipalities and they work out there . . . or . . . maybe they commute back in, overloading the roads and public transit.

We certainly cannot blame these young families.  It’s not their choice.  They have no other options.  This City is VERY expensive to live in – and a whole generation of young parents simply cannot stay here and will not be attracted here if they can’t get work . . . and you cannot get work if you cannot find affordable, high quality child care!

Councilor Thompson said it well.  “Like we invest in many other things <such as> planting trees, roads, a variety of other infrastructure development, children are the foundation of our infrastructure.  Without them, we don’t <need to> build roads, we don’t <need to> build condo’s, we don’t <need> to build anything!  <Without them)> We don’t build a society!”

Our message was direct!  This year’s City Budget 2018 will be crucial for child care – with BOTH senior levels of Government making such a significant investment in child care – All Parent eyes will be on the City’s Budget – we are looking for EVERY child care dollar promised to be in this budget and earmarked directly to the front line for MORE affordable, High Quality Child Care for families.

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