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Our Board is a working Board!

Our Board is a working Board that engages on behalf of the TCBCC in their own districts and networks – building capacity and responding to the needs of the community – bringing those ideas, concerns and feedback to the TCBCC table. These are some of the ways we do that:

  • All TCBCC Board Members participate in City led Child Care Supervisors Networks (bi-monthly with 70 – 100 attendees at each of the 10-12 networks). All of our Board Members play a strong leadership role at these Networks – engaging with their fellow operators and keeping the TCBCC in touch with community issues in the different districts. Two of our Board Members are District representatives (North and South) at the Toronto Child & Family Network.
  •  TCBCC Board Members sit on the following Committees across Toronto – engaging with the community and City (Children’s Services), School Boards and Ministry of Education:
    • Toronto Child & Family Network (TC&FN) – Working table #3 – on Workforce Development (40 attendees)
    • Children’s Services AQI working group (15 attendees)
    • TDSB Early Years Committee (40 attendees)
    • TDSB – EYC – Facilities working group (5 attendees)
    • TCDSB – Best Start (22 attendees)
    • Min. of Ed Child Care & Early Years Advisory Committee CCEYA – Minister’s Steering Committee (20 attendees)
    • Ontario Early Years Committee – Toronto/Danforth District (Massey Centre) (20 members)
  • TCBCC Board members ALL participated in Min. of Ed consultations on the Child Care & Early Year’s Act (CCEYA) and wrote five response papers on changes proposed by the Ministry of Education to change the Day Nurseries Act (DNA) to the CCEYA.
  • TCBCC Board Members regularly respond to issues raised by childcare supervisors, staff, parents and staff. This is sometimes a shorter term response to a particular issue but as a board we build on this engagement building long term capacity within our community.  These are a few examples of ways in which we have adjusted our activities to be responsive to our members and the broader child care community in recent years:
    • The Operators Network a community Network (2013-present) was founded by TCBCC Board and Community Members responding to a high level of distress and concern about City policies and the child care community’s relationship with the City. The Operators group was founded in the East End of the City but now links over 120 Childcare Supervisors across the City. This is an “Operators’” network – and not led by the TCBCC – although the TCBCC Executive Coordinator is frequently asked to participate in the meetings and share/hear information and help to strategize.  Many TCBCC Board Members were founding members of the Operators’ Network.
    • Board Members hosted TCBCC Forums within the Child Care community in the East End, Downtown and the North (2014-2016) responding to the many concerns being raised by the child care community concerning the City’s Assessment for Quality Improvement (AQI). We held a total of four forums (attended by 45-70 each time). We invited City staff to attend and hear directly from the community. The results were taken into consideration by Toronto Children’s Services and changes to the AQI were made to better support the Child Care Community.
    • As a follow-up to these forums and in response to community input we conducted a Child Care Community Survey on the AQI. With the help of our intern from Ryerson’s Early Childhood Leadership Degree program (who has since become a TCBCC Board Member!) we conducted a statistical analysis of the TCBCC membership’s perspective, which we shared with the City and the broader Child Care Community.
    • Board Members host TCBCC Community Child Care Budget Forums (annually) enabling the community to share resources, ideas and strategies with each other – to assist child care programs in building a Children’s Services Budget that supports their program.
  • A team of TCBCC Board and Community Members, in response to community demand, has developed a total of 30 Child Care Policies required by each child care program to meet licensing requirements for the Ministry as well as Children’s Services. We have made these resources available at a VERY low cost to child care programs (members and non-members) across the City to ease the workload for the child care community, to resource high quality, to build capacity and to raise funds for the important advocacy work of the TCBCC. We respond further to the community by producing and revising the policies that are requested.
  • Responded to a small group of North York Child Care programs and co-founded a small group coalition to respond to community needs. Several TCBCC Board Members worked closely with Community Members in the North End of the City. This is a small coalition of child care programs seeking support and engagement for the specific challenges they face. It is not led by the TCBCC – although the TCBCC Executive Coordinator is frequently asked to participate in the meetings and share/hear information and help to strategize.

Whenever requested, our Executive Coordinator and Board Members respond to and speak with other child care programs – sharing their expertise and resources. We have offered specific resources to Child Care Boards of Directors to support them through many challenges (i.e. City Budgets and Ministry of Education’s rollout of Full Day Kindergarten and Before & After School expansions).

Our AGM is coming up!  If you want to make a difference for our community and are interested in being on a committee or on the Board, please contact us!

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