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The City Budget 2010 – How safe are your Child Care Per Diems?

In the last several budgets, thanks to our advocacy, “approved rates” were received by Child Care programs with a PSA and Family Resource Programs in Toronto. And we have seen a commitment, from city politicians and staff in recent years to ensure that funding remains stable, BUT it is not something we can simply count on as the City struggles with a ballooning deficit in 2010.  Their commitment to child care can easily falter.

As well as per diems . . . saving ALL grants and ALL subsidized spaces, are important to ensure access and affordability for parents, and to maintain the quality and stability of the system!

The 2010 Children’s Services Budget will be presented to the Budget Committee on February 16, and 25, and the next week, we will have our only opportunity to depute! So…

Mark your Calendar for


Monday March 1st 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday March 2nd 9:30 p.m.

* are you struggling with enrollment?

* do you have a long waiting list?

* is pressure on Fees holding salaries down?

Let YOUR City Council hear from you and your Board of Directors, on what it really takes to keep high quality child care going day in and day out!

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