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Child Care in Ontario faces Catastrophic Collapse

The City Budget in early March will quickly be followed by the PROVINCIAL BUDGET coming up sometime in the Spring, (probably by the end of March) and Child Care Funding MUST be in that Budget – if we are to avoid a catastrophic collapse of our child care system.

It is critical that leading up to that budget, our Provincial Politicians hear from you and your parents as well as from our City partners, If you’re getting that Déjà vu feeling . . . you’re right – we were in exactly this same spot last spring! But remember, just as the funding was about to run out and subsidies were going to be cut . . . on the eve of the OCBCC’s lobby in May 2009, McGuinty committed $18m to secure the funding through to June of 2010!

So . . . two things we know for sure

1)      this provincial government does not want to see child care spaces or subsidies cut

2)      They will only act if they see there is a danger of losing subsidies and they feel the public pressure directed at them

So . . . WE NEED to Keep Up the Pressure!

What YOU can do: Join our Provincial Budget Campaign

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