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Ontario child-care proposal faces strong opposition

The proposed regulatory changes released in December 2013 by the provincial government are facing criticism from child care advocates and experts. Specifically, the proposed changes that would allow for larger child groups to be cared for by fewer trained staff.  

Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals says “the changes are in response to the final rollout of Full Day Kindergarten…and are aimed at helping daycares serve younger children, who are more costly to care for.”

Experts like Charles Pascal, Full Day Kindergarten advisor to former premier Dalton McGuinty says that the proposed ratio increases do not reflect what we know about quality. Martha Friendly, of the Child Care Resources and Research Unit, also suggests that the proposed increase in number of children per group will negatively affect quality. She argues that “when adults are caring for fewer children there is more interaction, closer emotional bonds, more learning and better behaviour. Staff morale and working conditions are better too.”

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Toronto Star

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