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Winter Newsletter 2013

Your Early Learning & Child Care programs are facing VERY SERIOUS CHALLENGES!

This update tells: what’s happening and how we’re organizing in Toronto’s ELCC community

  1. At the Provincial level: Modernization of Child Care‘s “New Funding Formula & Framework”

  2. At the City level: The Roll Out of this “NFFF!”… this is where we need to WATCH OUT!

  3. How your Child Care community can get involved

1..  At the Provincial level:

“The Modernization of Child Care” is starting to be implemented – the first announcement introduced a New Child Care Funding Formula and Funding Framework (on Dec 18).

This Framework does not come with any new money – but works with the funding commitments in the 2012/13 Budget and distributes the existing funding differently.

(REMINDER: The Provincial Budget 2012/13 included a (one time) commitment of $240 million in new child care funding to “mitigate the impact of FDK” over 3 years: Year1: $90M, Year2: $69M, Yearr3: $80M.  The Year 1 funding of $90M (2012/2013) was distributed: $40M spent in the summer on operating & capital and $50M held back until December 18, when the new funding formula was announced.)

“The New Child Care Funding Formula and Funding Framework” according to the Ministry of Education: “The objective of the new funding formula is to modernize the approach to operating funding, beginning in 2013. The new funding formula is a more transparent and equitable approach to funding that responds to demand for services, helps stabilize fees, and improves reliability of child care, to better meet the needs of child care operators and parents”(Min. of Ed.)

The new funding formula has 3 main funding allocations including “Core Service Delivery” * which merges several envelopes of funding (i.e. Child Care Fee subsidies and Wage subsidies!) and NOW there are far fewer strings attached!  The funding is then allocated (“more equitably”) to municipalites across Ontario, using a new formula to determine “allocations” for each Municipality. Some municipalities will get MORE under this new funding formula (i.e. Toronto) and some will get LESS. Those municipalities that receive less under this new funding formula will be receiving the One-Time “Mitigation Money”.

The Min. of Education has assured Municipalities that no Municipality will get less overall.

The 3 main funding allocations are:

  1. Core Service Delivery: General Operating: Wage Grants; Fee Subsidy; Ontario Works; NOW all lumped together! (total $718.4 million) and there are far fewer strings attached!

  1. Special Purposes:  Remote/Rural;  Language;  FDK Transition; Transformation;  Cost of Living; Aboriginal;  Capacity Building;  Repair & Maintenance;  Utilization

  1. Capital: (For the first time in a long time – capital $$ coming from the Province)

2..  At the City level: The Roll Out of this NFFF! is where we need to Watch Out!

The Good News – Toronto is one of the Municipalities who will receive MORE funding under the New Funding Formula! Historically they have received 22% of the Core Services Allocation – now they will receive 30%. An increase of $8.6M (every year).

The Bad News – Although Toronto got $8.6M more a year:

a) it is still not nearly enough – the City still has a shortfall in the Child Care budget, and

b) there are far fewer strings attached – so we need to WATCH OUT! – $$s can be moved around from Wage subsidies to Fee subsidies for example – FAR TOO EASILY

Our job is to make sure:

  • Every child care dollar stays in child care

  • No child care centre receives any less in operating grants going

  • That Parent Fees DO NOT go up any more and Salaries DO NOT go down


Children’s Services, has stated that there will be a Consultation process and that any changes in how Children’s Services funds programs will not begin until 2014 and will form part of the Children’s Services Service Plan (2015-2019). But we cannot afford to wait only for their process – we need to be pro-active!

3..  How YOU can get involved

This “New Funding Formula” – which gives Toronto a much “bigger slice of the pie” (now 30% instead of 22%), is in large part due to the phenomenal advocacy work you and your parents did last year with the Province.

But how the City spends this child care money becomes the $8.6M question. . . and we need to SPEAK UP and get involved before decisions are made

  • Attend your DCCA meetings, Network meetings, any meetings and ASK your Questions, when you speak up it helps to empower others

  • Ask Your Councillor to host a meeting so that he/she can hear firsthand – how the rollout of FDK and the funding implications are affecting child care in the Ward so far!

  • Keep us posted at the TCBCC – and never hesitate to ask for help contact: or 416-538-7630

We will have to watch this like Hawks! . . .   You are All TCBCC Hawks ! . .

So, Please let us know what’s happening for your child care and in your community.

2013 – is going to be a very important year for Advocacy at the City level.

TCBCC’s ANNUAL CHILD CARE RAFFLE Raffle Registration – forms out in March!

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