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Winter Newsletter 2014

Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care

Winter 2014 Update

Your programs have been on a roller coaster over the past few years, with the introduction of FDK and the Modernization of Child Care. This update tells: what’s happening, as we head into a new year and how we’re organizing in Toronto’s ELCC community.

  1. The “New Child Care Funding Formula & Framework” – $$$s for Toronto!

  2. $20 million annualized funding boosts the City Child Care Budget 2014

  3. The City’s New Child Care Funding model and Service Plan

  4. The Province proposes New Child Care Legislation and Regulations

  5. The City’s Operating Criteria – and ELCAQI – is it helping you to deliver quality?



  1. The Province’s New Child Care Funding Formula and Funding Framework” was introduced in December 2012 but . . . Is just starting to have the full impact NOW.

Following the funding commitments in the 2012/13 Budget, the Min. of Education announced:  “The new funding formula is a more. . . equitable approach to funding that responds to demand for services, helps stabilize fees, and improves reliability of child care . . .”.  . Toronto finally sees the results:

Reminder: The New Funding Formula has 3 main funding allocations:

  1. Core Service Delivery: Wage Grants; Fee Subsidy; Ontario Works; NOW all lumped together! And with far fewer strings attached . . . (We will be vigilant!)

  2. Special Purposes:  Remote/Rural;  Language;  FDK Transition; Transformation;  Cost of Living; Aboriginal;  Capacity Building;  Repair & Maintenance;  Utilization

  3. Capital: Capital $$s . . . (although, not nearly enough)

Reminder:  Toronto is receiving MORE in annualized funding under the new formula!

Historically we have received 22% of the Core Services Allocation now we receive 30%!

In 2013 this meant an increase of $8.6 million . . .  but with new census data now available the $$ allocation for each Municipality across the Province has changed.

In 2014  it means Toronto will receive an increase of $20.836 million (7.6%) !


  1. $20.8 million (in new Provincial funding) boosts the City’s Child Care Budget 2014

to a record high and this annualized funding will allow the City to:

  1. add 668 new child care subsidies

  2. increase Special Needs Resource funding by $0.854 million

  3. provide $3 M in grants in lieu of wage subsidy to support new infant/toddler spaces

  4. pay operators per diems – for child care centres, home child care and FRP’s.

  5. provide stabilization funding to support Aboriginal Child Care


Link to the City’s Budget 2014 for the full Child Care report and the Toronto Star’s coverage

Congratulations Toronto’s Child Care Community – this is YOUR advocacy success! BUT it wasn’t everything we were looking for. . . . Wage Subsidy should not have been clawed back

The Wage Subsidy – should not have been clawed back from programs reconfiguring to serve younger children! As that unfairly pushes costs of FDK on to Parents & Staff.

The grant (in lieu of Wage subsidy) was one important win in this year’s budget – as it keeps funding in the operating Grant “envelope”. The new funding model will give us the opportunity to improve the funding model structure, but we have to ensure that funding isn’t just “taken out and re-directed”. . . we need NEW funding. The TCBCC will continue to push for Operating Grants (the beginning of base funding) to be increased not taken away!

  1. The City’s New Child Care Funding model and Service Plan

The Province’s new Child Care Funding and Framework allows the City to develop a new Child Care Funding model as it moves in to the next Service Plan (2015-19). This is an important opportunity to fund programs properly with predictable, stable funding.

The $20 M increase in funding, has led Children’s Services to extend the roll out date of the new funding model. The consultation process* will now continue through 2014, with recommendations to Council in 2015 and implementation in 2016.

The Service Plan is being consulted on simultaneously.

The ELCC community must have a strong hand in shaping this future. You and your Boards of Directors know what it takes to deliver quality programs. You know the children, parents, staff and the many challenges and opportunities better than anyone.

We will be ACTIVE participants in the consultation process – we will be fully engaged and we will make sure our elected representatives are too! . . . So stay tuned!

  1. The Province proposes New Child Care Legislation and Regulations

(the Legislation is the framework  . . . and the Regulation the day to day rules)
The Min. of Education is proposing new regulations and is inviting comments by Feb 28. So make your comments!

  • The OCBCC  invites your feedback on the proposed regulation changes – take the  Short 4 Question Survey

  • Advocates for Progressive Childcare Policy invite you to an event:  “Who cares? A panel discussion on Ontario’s proposed child care regulations” Thursday February 13, 2014,  6:30pm- 8:00pm. A panel discussion at Metro Hall

read the Toronto Star article “Ontario plan puts child care quality at risk, experts warn”

And NOW, as if you don’t have enough on your plate! . . Reeling from the impacts of FDK! Our ECE’s leaving the field!. . . Children’s Services is “re-vamping” the Operating criteria!

        So . . . . the TCBCC is hosting a community discussion:

Is the City’s re-vamped Operating criteria Early Learning and Care Assessment for Quality Improvement

helping you to deliver Quality Child Care?

We hope you will join fellow TCBCC members on Tuesday February 18th 1:30 – 3:30.

Scarborough Civic Centre – Council Chambers

Please register by e-mail:


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