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McGuinty’s announcement on Early Learning in Ontario

McGuinty’s plan for Full Day Early Learning (he’s starting with the 4’s& 5’s!)


The Special Advisor report: With our Best Future in Mind” outlined an early learning vision for children (0-12) in Ontario, and provided a comprehensive plan of action for implementation.  (June 2009)

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Premier McGuinty – has stated that he “embraces Dr.  Pascal’s full report”, and has now outlined, HOW Ontario will move forward with full-day early learning. These are


> Some of the things we have been told

> and Some of the things we need to ask  

Some of the things we have been told (from the Premier’s announcement &  the Min. of Education’s documents)  

  • It will be phased in: starting with full-day learning for 4/5s –some schools in September 2010 Early Learning Programs (ELPs), will be in  


  • up to 35,000 children (approx 15% of children in each School Board will be enrolled in 1st  year)

  • School boards (to consult with other Boards, Best Start Networks & Municipalities) and recommend sites Submit recommendations by end of November – site selection will be public early in 2010.  Guidelines for site selection will be the following:
  1. Available space: program to be introduced in schools that have classroom space available and does not require new additions or renovations.
  2. Impact on existing local child care: partners to assess whether communities will be best served by selecting schools with existing child care programs, schools near existing licensed child care    or schools in neighbourhoodswhere no child care is currently available for four- and five-year-olds.
  3. Local need: school boards to consider the various needs of the communities. A portion of the phase-one schools will serve low-income neighbourhoods.

  • the GOAL: is to have all 4’s and 5’s enrolled by 2015-2016 (program will always be optional)
  • the COST: $200 million in 2010-11 and another $300 million in 2011-12 has been committed
  • the Full Early Learning Program will cost $1.5B “when fully implemented” (no specifics!)

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