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City of Toronto: Children’s Services – Service Plan

2010-2015 – Coming up this fall.

The City’s “Children’s Services – Service Plan” was presented to the ELCC community for consultation during the spring months and was due to be presented to the Community Development and Recreation Committee (CDRC) by staff in June. The presentation has however been postponed until the fall, as the release of the Special Advisor Report on Early Learning was anticipated to come out any day. That report has now been released, and we can expect the Service plan to be presented in the context of that report, and in the fall.

The TCBCC will monitor the process and be ready to depute to the CDRC committee when the Service Plan is presented. We will stress that: no matter how well thought out the City’s plan is, it won’t work without the Provincial funding – and we need our City COuncil and their staff to keep up the pressure on the Province.

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