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Ontario MPP’s hear from you

McGuinty commits: $18m on eve of lobby!

A lobby of Ontario MPP’s over the early months of 2009 culminated in a one day lobby at Queens Park on May 18th, (organized by the OCBCC). Advocates from Early Learning and Child Care programs, and parents from communities around Ontario, presented to all three parties and held individual meetings with 37 different MPP’s.

The message was very clear: Our provincial government must ensure that there are “NO CUTS to Child Care” – a very real possibility when the last of the federal funds run out in spring of 2009 – unless there is a solid commitment to more funding from the Province.     

Over several months the Province had been hearing from parents, operators and advocates as well as our City partners that Municipalities would have to start cutting subsidies through attrition (which means: one child leaves, but no-one is admitted) in the fall, and as early as June in some Muncipalities.  Something that would be disastorous for parents of our young children, who have sat for so long on waiting lists and want to participate in the workforce – clearly McGuinty agreed – and on the eve of the lobby he commited $18m to secure the funding through to June of 2010! 

This commitment of $18 million as well as the fact that both key Ministers: Min. Kathleen Wynne, Min of Education and Min. Deb Mathews, Min of Children and Youth, attended the lobby on May 18 – is a clear indication that McGuinty’s government does not want to see child care spaces or subsidies cut – but this $18 million is only going to buy us a few months – so we need to keep up the pressure! and we need to make sure he understands that:

Implementing Early Learning in Ontario, as described in “With our Best Future in Mind” Report to the Premier by the Special Advisor Charles E. Pascal – is not going to happen without a strong, early learning and child care system on which to develop the Best Start Child and Family Centres and there is no benefit to developing early learning for 4’s & 5’s if we lose our child care services along the way!

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