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Growing Up Green

Greening our Programs’s

We hear you! The Early Learning & Child Care community is eager to “Green their Programs”!

 YOU see this as a very important responsibility that you hold, both as educators of our young children, and a vital link and support to Toronto’s young families. The TCBCC is being asked to step up and play a role in helping centres to “Go Green”. Our governments are not doing this yet, (the City is working with their own City operated Centres on specific programs such as “local food procurement”, but that captures fewer than 5% of Toronto’s ELCC programs and it will take too long for this to filter down)
The world cannot wait!… and nor can our child care community!
Our Early Learning and Child Care programs have keen parents and committed staff ready to get active!

So. . . .  This is our project:

“Growing up Green: the Greening of Toronto’s Early Learning and Child Care programs”
We will engage TWELVE early learning and child care programs as pilot projects to develop Best Practices in our programs in all aspects of Green:

This initiative will focus on incorporating “green practices” into all of our policies and practices within our ELCC programs and aligning them with the regulations of the various levels of government. We will be targeting these areas:
• The food we eat – eliminating transfat, buying locally, using fresh whole foods and organic wherever possible

• The waste we produce – setting up all areas of child care operations to include ways of  reducing,  recycling, reusing and eliminating – using green bins, wormy bins, diaper disposal, recycling papers, cans, electronics, etc.

• The products we use – eliminating disposables wherever possible, reducing plastics, eliminating BPH products,  

• Our environment – developing best practices for cleaning supplies and how to reduce smog, heat and UV  to enhance the health and safety of the children.

We will focus on creating safe and healthy alternatives and practices for children and their families, within the child care community and the broader communities outside of the child care program. As the ELCC Community is connected with the various levels of government – the TCBCC will be inviting all levels of government and other key partners to join the community at the Steering Committee level. These Pilot projects will run from June 2009 – June 2010.

For questions about this project or to share your green ideas with us! please contact Jane at 416-538-7630 EXT 2                                            Or email

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