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Implementing Early Learning in Ontario

This much anticipated report has now been released by Premier McGuinty (June/09). The report outlines an early learning vision for children (0-12) in Ontario and provides a comprehensive plan of action for the implementation of that vision. What it means for children and families: “It turns a jumble of children’s programs into a child and family service system that closes the gaps and offers a continuum of services for children from birth to age 12”.  (Dr. Charles Pascal)

In the 18 months leading up to this report there have been many concerns about HOW this will play out on the ground and although the report is comprehensive there will still be MANY QUESTIONS.

But it is important to recognise (quite aside from the benefits for families), that there is an enormous opportunity here for the ELCC community to grow and develop. There are many strong recommendations that we need to latch on to. Our job is to “Seize this opportunity, highlight those recommendations, help everyone through the transition and . . . MAKE IT WORK!” . . . Our work begins TODAY!

 To download a copy of the report click here.

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