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Core Service Review Update

As you may have gathered from the News last week – CUTS are being proposed in EVERY department of the City to save $750 million through our Core Services!

This is everything from snow removal. . .parks & rec . . . fire services . . . AND CHILD CARE !Last week had me spinning . . . but we got good media attention (which was the priority). . . but I havn’t even been able to update you all properly yet – my apologies:

In a nutshell . . .

Mayor Ford asked his consultants, KPMG, to recommend “cost-cutting options” as part of its “core service review” for Children’s Services.

This is what they came up with as options:

  • Divest 57 municipal child care centres to the private sector
  • Cut over 2,000 fee subsidies
  • Cut quality inspections
  • Cut Wage and Rent Grants
  • Reduce per diem rates paid to child care for city subsidies.

. . . it is OUR JOB at the Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care to STATE very clearly that we cannot afford to lose ONE dollar, or ONE space, or ONE subsidy or ONE grant out of this child care system!

And we need Mayor Ford and City Council to commit to keeping every dollar in the system and going after THE PROVINCE to step up with their funding

I will be making a deputation on Wednesday and we have about 6 or 7 others

IF any of you are able to come out to the CDR Committee THIS WEDNESDAY it would be brilliant just to help fill the room! . . .


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