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Provincial announcement: on ELP

Provincial announcement: on ELP – as the Premier begins to step away from the

 “extended day” – being delivered by the school boards.

The Reminder

  • The TCBCC supported the vision . . . of a comprehensive system of full day early learning and care for children 0-12,  including a strong system of early learning AND care for all ages.
  • But we warned that any type of “cherry-picking” (i.e. concentrating on 4’s and 5’s only!) would destabilize the already fragile child care sector.

 The Reality

  • Cherry picking is exactly what we got! – and a destabilized child care sector is also what we got!

The Caution

  • the move away from the school boards delivering “extended day” is a move away from a publicly operated and universal system (remember it was supposed help the 88% of kids who are not currently in child care get access)
  • AND . . the move toward third party operators will not, in itself, make our Child Care system more stable! . . . to do that we NOW need. .

 REGULATIONS that say:

-        Non-Profit only – or commercial centres (including big box chains) will move in across the province FAST!

-        Comparable Salaries & Benefits – or operators can get away with paying low hourly salaries to lots of poorly qualified staff on split shifts!

-        SPACE for child care in our schools – or parents will not get access (and so it will be far from universal)

 FUNDING that provides for:

-        MORE subsides – to meet the increased demand for 4’s and 5’s – or we will just have a longer wait list and no more service

-        BASE funding – to ensure that fees for younger children do not skyrocket, and programs are not hiring loads of part-time staff

-        RENT-FREE space !


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