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News From Queen’s Park

In today’s news – Bill 242 passes third reading at Queen’s Park.

Transition funding for child care in Ontario was announced. As well, licensed child care was moved to the new early years division.

For a link to the Ontario Goverenment Press Release and Materials, click here.

Minister of Education Leona Dombrowski and Minister of Children and Youth services Laurel Broten recently announced the following:

1. Ontario passes full-day learning legislation - this legislation permits school boards to implement the full day learning program. The full day learning program includes  ECE’s in the classroom and the extended day program. The legislation allows school boards to collect fees for the extended day.

2. Transition funding for child care programs - With the introduction of the full-day learning program by Premier McGuinty, background analysis discussed the necessity of transitional and capital funding for child care programs.

The Provincial government has now introduced two new forms of funding:

Fee subsidies will be permanent funding starting this year at $6 million and growing $51 million over the next five years. This is in addition to the $63.5 million replacing Federal funding from the last budget.

Light capital is non-permanent funding available only to not-for-profit child care programs. It too will start this year, and will grow to $12 million in five years.

3. Transfer of licensed child care programs to the Early Years Division, Ministry of Education

Previously licensed child care programs fell under the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Licensing specialists will remain under the MCYS until they are transferred the Ministry of Education.

For child care programs there is no immediate change with this transfer of responsibility. The municipal role distributing child care programs remains unchanged.

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